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Finding Serenity In Life’s Storms With Tarot Card Readings

Life throws curveballs. At times, it seems as if we eternally have to go through storms — emotional chaos, career conflicts, and relationship crises. In these stormy days, the quest for inner peace or the feeling of solace may become unbearable. However, what if there was a life preserver that could guide you through these storms, help you find your inner anchor, and make you come out stronger on the other side instead?

Step into the realm of tarot. Tarot cards are not only instruments of fortune-telling. They are strong instruments of self-discovery that will give you direction and enlightenment on the present and regarding the power that lies within you. Through the interpretation of the symbolism of the cards in the course of a tarot card reading experience, you can comprehend yourself more clearly and get the means of finding peace among the issues.

The Storm You Are Weathering Understanding

The storm itself is the first step to peace. A straightforward tarot spread, utilizing 3-5 cards, will help you to understand the obstacles that you are experiencing now. While you are mixing the cards and concentrating on the current storm in your life, draw the cards and lay them out in a particular spread (specific spreads can be found in most tarot guidebooks). Every card will provide one piece of the puzzle showing the details of the storm that you might not even noticed at the conscious level.

Here are some potential interpretations of cards that often appear when representing life’s storms:

The Tower: 

This card stands for upheaval, a sudden bout of change, or a significant disruption of the norm. It may represent a crisis period that requires you to start from scratch.

The Devil: 

The Devil may symbolize temptation, addiction, or being caught in some kind of rut. It could point out places where you are holding onto bad routines or behaviors that are impeding your development.

The Chariot: 

The card represents the fight, two opposite forces, and the requirement of equilibrium. It implies that you are torn between two desires or that you have a difficult choice to make.

Don’t forget that these are a few examples only, and each card has its interpretation which is influenced by the neighboring cards and your intuition. Yet, by knowing the general themes represented by some cards, you can start to put together a portrait of the tempest that awaits.

Finding Your Inner Anchor

Having a deeper insight into the storm now, you should recognize in yourself an anchor, something that will serve you during the stormy season. Do another spread and concentrate on your strengths, intuition, and tools you have at your disposal to pull you through the storm. 

Here’s what some cards might symbolize in this context: 

The Star: 

This card is the symbol of hope, faith, and the power to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even in the darkest of times. It means that after darkness comes light.

The Hermit: 

The Hermit symbolizes contemplation, isolation, and inner knowledge. It indicates that this may be the time for reflection on oneself, seeking inner guidance, and following your intuition.


The card embodies equilibrium, moderation, and the middle way. It makes you think in a clear-minded way and blend in with various other points of view to solve the problem.

The reading of the cards in this spread will help you learn much about your inner power and the resources that are within your reach.

Integrating the Messages: Navigating the Storm

Now comes the truly transformative part. Bringing together the communications of both spreads. Find correspondences between the storm cards and those representing your inner anchor. What solutions do your strengths and resources provide for the challenge you are confronting?

If The Tower were to appear in your first spread, representing a period of upheaval, and The Star were to appear in your second spread, it might indicate that the effects of the disruption are minimal enough to still allow for positive change. The Star tells you to keep believing and have faith in the process.

Keep in mind that tarot card readings do not predict the future, but rather provide an understanding of the current situation helping you to make conscious decisions. These cards are suggestions to facilitate self-reflection and a call to you to ponder on your intuition and wisdom.

Taking Actionable Steps: The Quiet after the Storm

Interpretation is not the end of tarot readings. The real value is in using the understanding to negotiate your present reality. 

Here are some ways to translate your tarot reading into actionable steps: 


Note down the main messages you got from the cards. Contemplate how they harmonize with your present life and what actions you can take following these understandings.

Mindfulness exercises: 

If a card such as The Hermit came up in your reading, you could think about adding meditation or spending time outside to tune into your inner wisdom.

Exploring Symbolism: 

Study the symbol of the cards that you drew. What kind of deeper messages do the images and colors remind you of? Diving into these symbolic layers enables one to get a more profound idea of the messages the cards are struggling to send.

Finding Serenity: The Process, Not the Product

Life’s storms are inevitable. However, instead, tarot gives you the ability to handle situations with more self-awareness, partaking of inner strength and tranquillity. Do not forget that the search for serenity is a journey and not a destination. Although setbacks and new storms will arise by transferring the tarot reading into your self-discovery arsenal you will be armed to face them.

Here are some additional points to consider:

Tarot is a tool, not a crutch: 

Do not let tarot control all that you do. Use it for self-reflection and as an opportunity to listen to the inner voice.

Approach tarot with an open mind: 

Tarot is not something to be treated in context of magic or superstition. It is all about releasing the potential from within you.

There are no wrong interpretations: 

The charm of tarot lies in its subjective character. Trust your intuition and what feels right for you when reading the cards.

Are You Ready to Embark on Your Journey?

If you are inquisitive about treading the tarot path on your own, many guides are there to assist you. Some tarot decks for beginners have simple and direct explanations written on the cards. Moreover, a lot of books and online sources provide comprehensive descriptions of card meanings and various tarot spreads.

Keep in mind, that the major factor in this equation is your readiness to take this path of self-revelation. Hence, take a deep breath, shuffle the cards, and let the tarot direct you to the meadow of serenity in the middle of the storm that is your life.

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